I'm Dan, And been on percoset for over 12 years. i have artificial hips, knees. i also have angina, born with a deformed Aortic-Heart-Valve. i have curvature of the spine. scoliousus. and a very bad back. I've walked with my knees curved inwards my whole-Life. which hurts my back everyday. But i still have atleast 3 suguries left on my legs; new hips and full artificail knee. i have no-one to confide in. i have no- friends, no-energy. No-Nothing... i will be starting to taper on jan.31st when i get my pills. Then i will start slow -tapering. till i'm finished them. does anybody know any home-Remedies; that could help my withdrawls??? I Would really appreciateAny Kind Of Advice. thank-You; Sincerly; Dan... :$