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Hello everyone.

I would like to start off and say that I am 26 and I live a healthy life, no drinking alcohol and no poor diet.

2 weeks ago I had pain on my upper abdominal, under my chest, also I had a fever. The next I decided to go see the clinic. The doctor told me right away to go to a hospital. Once I arrived there the doctor told me that I would have to be hospitalized and hooked me up with IV. I had no idea what was going on to me. They performed some tests (CT scan MRI) and blood tests. They came back and told me that I have acute pancreatitis. The doctor told me that I wouldn't be able to eat. He accused me that I am an alcoholic but I kept denying that I do not drink.

The next day the pain was still there. The doctor came back and kept accusing me that I drink. I kept denying. The doctor said that he does not know the reason why I have pancreatitis. The CT scan and MRI showed nothing. and that they are not sure what the cause of the Pancreatitis.

The third day the pain subsided and I felt better. The doctor told me that I was able to start drink water. So i did, started to also eat food later in the evening.

The next morning after doing the blood test the doctor informed me that my amylase level has increased from yesterday if I was feeling any pain on my chest. At the time I felt fine and told him I am good. But at night time I felt a sharp pain again on my chest.

By the next day the pain was worse, the doctor told me not to eat or drink anything. Did the test again but came back with no result. No idea why I kept getting these attacks.

Now it has been two weeks later I am feeling better, I started to drink liquid with the approval from my doctor yesterday but the doctor informed me today that my amylase level was going down but has stopped since i started drinking.

I am worried that I am going to be getting another attack and have to stay in the hospital for another week...

This coming Tuesday the doctor said that they will do a test where I will have to swallow a camera and they will check my pancreas. it is not the ERCP, I am not sure what the test is called.

Have someone gone through the same experience I am going through.

I feel hopeless, I just want to get better, or atleast know the cause.



gallstone pancreatis is another frequent cuase of pancretitis, but I am sure they would have noticed that and especially with imaging.  Hypercalcemia, hypertryglyceridemia, mumps, trama, and autoimmune pancretisis are also possible.  There are many other rare causes also.  Hopefully they will believe you!  



Thank you for the reply!

An update since last time. I have been feeling worse... The test I did Tuesday where they checked inside my pancreas with a camera(not ERCP) showed that my bile duct is narrow than average and that is why my amylase level does not go down. Now the reason for the narrow of the bile duct is unsure... I have read online that this can be caused by pancreatitis. And I am back to the beginning. How did I get this Pancreatitis...

All I care now is getting out of here. I have been in the hospital for more than 2 weeks and all the doctors don't know the cause or what to do.

I have drank liquids from my doctor but I ended up throwing up, diarrhea, and recently a stomach ache.

Has anyone have any similar experience and tell me how they are doing now?