A person would be able to tell within 20 minutes in the privacy of their own home whether they had contracted the infection or not just by using a mouth swab.
Much like home pregnancy tests, a single control line indicates a negative result, two lines meaning infection has been found and the person is positive for HIV.

The benefits of the testing are that more people could easily find out their HIV status anonymously. This may lead to earlier diagnosis and earlier treatment, which can improve survival. On the other hand there is a big concern that people won’t cope well with the findings and may harm themselves. This is why the tests are banned in UK. However, many people buy unapproved kits over the internet that are of low quality.
A small number of results may be false, meaning some who think they are free of HIV following the test are not and others who think they have the virus actually do not.

The tests should have warnings about the importance of running another test at the doctor’s office to confirm their findings.