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my nephew 1 month is in the hospital with some type of respiratory problem, the doctors mentioned the word chlamydia to my sister although she states she tested negative 2 days before her labor was induced, they also said they may do a spinal tap is all this related and how. wha tsymptoms would the baby have if he has chlamydia.


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The spinal tap is probably to check for the presence of bacteria (Chlamydia). I am not really sure if the pregnant ladies are tested for STD’s two days before labor because if they turn out to be positive there is nothing they can do. The tests are done previously during prenatal care, at the beginning and maybe after the treatment to check.

Anyway, if a mother has been suffering from Chlamydia, a child can develop an eye infection or pneumonia. If conjunctivitis is present, the baby would experience red and swollen eyelids and thick and yellow discharge, which usually develop within the first 10 days of life.
In the case of pneumonia, a baby may experience cough, rapid breathing, vomiting and their skin color may change into bluish or grayish. They have no fever. Some babies who suffer from pneumonia may develop chlamydial conjunctivitis as well.

If it turns out to be pneumonia, the baby will be giving antibiotics for 3 weeks. The improvement should be seen quite soon, after 7 days.
Besides conjunctivitis and pnaumina, if a baby has been passed the bacteria, it may also develop infections in the mouth, throat, rectum, and genital tract.

How is your sister's baby doing? Is he exhibiting any of the symptoms?