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I had chlamydia before and got treated for it but know I think I have it again. The reason I say that is because I'm having discharge could it be possible.


If you had unprotected sex again, it is quite possible you got bacteria again. Having it once doesn’t protect you from getting it again.

If you didn’t take your treatment properly (when you first had bacteria), it may happen that you didn’t treat it at all. Many women stop taking treatment when the symptoms subside although they may have not got rid of the infection.

Thirdly, this may not be Chlamydia. It could be normal but excessive discharge. Normal (regular) discharge is clear, white and milky, it doesn’t smell and accompanying symptoms are not present (like burning, itching, redness, etc).

It could also be yeast infection that is not an STD. Yeast’s discharge is yellowish, cheesy and incredibly smelly.

To know for sure, you need to see a gynecologist and have it checked.