Scottish NHS Lothian has created and offered free home test kits for Chlamydia due to worrisome rise in Chlamydia infections over the last five years.
These kits will be available in health clinics but they will have to sent them back to be tested.
The researchers are hoping that these kits will be able to test for other sexually transmitted diseases in the future.

The reason these tests are so good is that people can pick them up without having to see their doctors.
So far, they are only available in Lothian but their developer Healthy Respect says that they are trying to think of a way to make them available to other health boards as well.

The Scotts already have a similar service called c:card sexual health service, which provides free condoms across Edinburgh and Lothian. All you have to do is reach the c:card network and provide them with your date of birth and the first part of your postcode. Then you are able to pick your condoms at the c:card point which is right for you.
It is obvious that the Scotts are doing a lot and have invested a lot to preventing sexually transmitted diseases as well as unwanted pregnancies. Besides free condoms c:card sexual health service staff provides people with information and support.
So far, there have been 69 c:card points located throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians and they can be found in university campuses, voluntary organizations and youth services.