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We have been trying to concieve for almost 2 years. my periods are almost never regular. for example: October 1-3 2014; November 16-18 2014; December 24-26 2014; and January 29-31 2015.... and havent had one sence. i seem to be about 8 days late. i have been having a large amount of discharge of some kind the last week or so. i have migranes from hell, and all i want to do is sleep! i sleep hours at a time. I took a hpt 3 days ago and it came back negative, i didnt want to get my hopes up, but should i retest again in a week?


Hi Mrs. Hamilton,

Your symptoms aren't specific to pregnancy.

Are you using a name brand test?  Are you using your first morning urine to test?

Normally, we recommend that you and your partner see a fertility specialist if you haven't conceived within a year.  

The longer you wait, the more accurate the results should be.

Good luck.