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I had sex with my boyfriend. On 21 december 2013 I then had my lmp on the 3 january. 2014 they were not normal as I had lot of blood coming. Out untill the last day I went fr three dayS but I normaly go for 2days. I then had sex with someone else during the week of the 13 january 2014 bit we used condom. I then had sex with my boyfriend. On the 1 of february And on the 14 of february. On the 12 february I did the test And. I found out that I wAs pregnant, I then went to the clinic on the 10 of March and they told me that am 2 monthS And 2 weeks pregnAnt,so am not sure who is the father please help


Hi Noni,

A "lot of blood coming" seems excessive if you were already pregnant then.  Yes, you can have bleeding but it normally is light.

It appears as if your doctors estimate your LMP around Dec 27.  That's based upon the 2 week and 2 days you said they told you on March 10.  Doctors "usually" base dates on your LMP and not the actual gestation.

Normally you would ovulate between about days 11 and 16 of your cycle.

In December, you had sex about day 15 of your cycle.  You'd be fertile.

In January, you had sex the week of days 10-17.  You'd be fertile.

You don't report a period for February.

The first of February would have been day 28, well past ovulation and you'd be at your lowest fertility - if you weren't already pregnant and you were.

Feb 14 doesn't matter, you were already pregnant.

It takes AT LEAST two weeks for the test to become accurate so you likely were pregnant before the 26th of January.

You'll need a DNA test to confirm but it looks like "someone else" may be the father.  The timing does NOT appear to work for your boyfriend - if the dates are right you'd be almost another month along.  No form of birth control is 100% effective.

Hope it helps, good luck.