I am 31 years old. My period is 7 days late, and today I had a negative HPT. My period was due to start on 2/4, with my last period beginning on 1/4. I am extremely dizzy and my breasts are sore. I have a few sharp pains in my right side. I have not been late in the last year, as I record the dates of my period- I usually have my period every 29-31 days. The last day that I had sex was January 27th... I figured that even if I ovulated late, wouldnt the test have picked up if I was pregnant by now?

However, I do have endometriosis and am not stranger to cysts. They have never caused my period to be this late however. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant, but I'm a little worried that as the HPT says negative, something else is going on... the dizziness just has me worried. I called my doctor and they said to just retest in a week. Should I be concerned?