Hello all... I am 25 years old, 185 lbs., 6'4", male, and I have a large skeletal frame. I am a consistent runner for about the past 2 years and, along with a strict diet, I have lost 170 lbs. I used to be an offensive lineman which would explain the heaviness back in the day. The problem is, when I played football, eating more was considered a good thing. I never counted calories and ate a lot of food. That is what they insist upon in division 1 college football, especially for a lineman. But since I no longer play, I had to change my eating habits. No longer did i need to have that excess weight. Then, I started long distance running on my own. I became my own coach. Trying to master oneself is an amazing journey. I now run between 50- 60 miles per week. I do not know how many calories to ingest... alot of the time i feel sluggish out there, and i have to force my way through a 10- 12 mile run for example. My daily intake of calories is between 2,000 and 2,500. I eat only healthy things ( veggies, fruits, whole wheat, low healthy fat, high complex carb., and protein, etc... the whole nine yards... no supplements... natural eating). I am so afraid of putting any weight ( even a pound) back on after this long journey of progress I've had... but I find myself hungry, cold, and tired a lot... Sometimes my fingernails are really blue! I see these side effects and I say to myself, " It's better than being heavy..." But it's really not. Every meal, I count the calories down to the last seed, and it works... but at what cost? My sanity? Its a REAL struggle. I need to know, please, an educated response to this problem I am having. I will eat more, but only if I KNOW that it really won't put on excess weight. Please help... thanks so much in advance... ( sorry about length of words here, I'm just very passionate about details sometimes).