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Hi All.... Here I have a query regarding exercises, let me ask.

How many calories we can burn by participating in one hour working outs session?

Any one of you has any idea, please let me know.

Thank You.



It depends on how much do you weigh and what type of exercise are you performing. It can range anywhere from 250 - 1200 calories. How old are your and what type of workout are you planning to do?



Hi… I am at 31 with 6 ft 3 inch height and 367 lbs. In morning hours I used to go 45 minutes of walk and the evening hours scheduled with push-ups, pull-ups, lungs and crunches for 50-60 minutes. By doing 60 minutes of walk and these 60 minutes of working outs and how many calories I can burn. If you have any awareness of these, please let me know.


It also depends on how fast you walk. I'll give you a list of calories burned by walking in 1 hour according to the speed

Walking calories burned:

  • 2mph(slow) - 230 cal
  • 3mph(normal) - 310 cal
  • 4mph (faster) - 460 cal
  • 5mph (fast) - 740 cal

Calisthenics (Push ups, pull ups , lunges) calories burned:

  • normal pace = 450 cal
  • vigorous = 650 cal

So all in all, 2 hours of these activities will burn from 680 - 1390 cal depending on your effort. 

Hope this helps.



Really it's worthy, lot more information. I used to walk in between 3-4 mph and coming to the cardio I am in normal pace. So per a day I may burn 800+ calories by walk and exercises. Thanks for making me educated regarding diet and thank you so much you gave me your precious time to make me educated.