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well i m 34 year old i would like to know that how many time i have to do sex to get my wife pregnant and is there required any gap for intercourse to get settle up the sperm with egg or 


Hi Guest,

The smart aleck response would be just once.

Timing play a BIG role in pregnancy.  Ideally, you'd have sex a few days before until just after she ovulates.  That way the sperm would be ready and waiting for the egg.  Normally she'll ovulate between about days 11 and 16 of her cycle, but it varies.  Day 1 is when her period starts.  There are ovulation test kits that you can buy to help.

48 hours after ovulation the egg dies and it is very unlikely she'd get pregnant.  Your sperm can survive about 5 days so having sex just before ovulation works.

The chances of pregnancy from having sex are about 1 in 5 when everything is "perfect."  We don't consider fertility issues until a year has passed without success and then BOTH partners should see a fertility specialist.

Hope it helps.