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Hello, I'm 28 and I don't have any children and never been pregnant. Lately my boyfriend and I have been trying. We been having unprotected sex for about 3 months now. He have a child and very fit and indulge in a lot of protein. His sperm count is very high. I'M trying to figure out the problem if I'm the problem. We even had unprotected sex the last day of my cycle. Do y'all think I just cant get pregnant?


Hi Hopeless,

We don't even begin to consider fertility issues until a year has passed without success.

I'd suggest you start trying to find out when you ovulate.  You can get ovulation test kits or monitor your body basal temp or cervical mucous.  Ideally you'd have sex just before ovulation.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days, the egg only about 48 hours.

If you had sex the last day of your cycle, as in the day before your period starts, it's too late.  You normally ovulate between days 11 and 16 of your cycle.  Day 1 is when your period starts.

Odds of pregnancy, when everything is "perfect" is only about 20%.

Don't even begin to think that you are the problem.

Good luck.