I am a 27 year old man. I am working as in an IT company.

My concern and worry is that, my weight is not increasing. I take breakfast every morning, take enough lunch and daily. Sometime I try to force myself to take more food. Also, eat fruits twice in a day at evening time.

My lifestyle is also normal. I walk 1 Km daily and do exercise thrice in a week. In-short, I am fit (I don't go to the gym!). But, still I don't know why my weight is not increasing at all.

My height is 5'6" and current weight is 49 Kg only.

Please suggest me, guide me.

What types of changes I should have to do in my routine?

Any addition or removes require?

Am I missing anything in my routine?

I want to gain few Kg only around 55-57 Kg only, How can I increase weight? Please, suggest me all possible ways.

I worry about this much and concerning so much.