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wths the perfect weight of 15 years old girl..? plx tell me 

my weight is 55 kg is my weight is in under 


Hello hinaa,

You're 15 and you weight 55 kg (110 pounds) and you want to know if you are under weight.  Well, first off I need to know how tall you are and if you exercise regularly.  If you're around 5'2' to 5'4" you have a good weight.  If you are around 5' then you may be a little overweight.  If you're above 5'4" you would probably under weight.  Overly, you sound like you're a good weight.  Is there any reason why you think you are under weight?  Most girls are worred about being over weight.  You can look up what your weight should be based on height and weight on the computer.  Do a search for weight chart for a teenager.