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My husband is 61. He started to show strange symptoms recently, such as sudden jerking movements, speech trouble and muscle contractions. He also have trouble swallowing food. I've checked these symptoms online and they all lead to Huntington's disease. But, it also says that this condition is inherited, but no one in my husband's family had it. So, is it Huntington's or something else. We have no insurance so we can't go to the doctor. If you could answer you'd give me some piece of mind. I'm really freaking out.



Huntington's has a genetic predispostion which means that you have one bad allele and one good one.  You have to come in contact with something in the environment that causes the good allele to mutate.  Then you get the disease.  A number of individuals who have Huntington's diease are farmers where they have come in contact with certain chemical (fertilizers, pesticides etc).  Having jerky movements and lack of coordination in movements is definitely a symptom of Huntington's, however he could have ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)  which is another motor problem.  A hallmark symptom there would be motor problems but they have problems swallowing.  They have saliva build up due to the inability to swallow (motor system isn't working very well there).  They also have speech problems.  You need to be able to tell me all the symptoms you are seeing not just jerky movements.  I happen to be a neuroscientist and familiar with Parkinson's, Huntington's and ALS.  Give me more to work with.