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i am pregnant and my insurance wont cover the treatments for the keloids i have and i am trying to find out how much it would cost and if i would have to wait till after i have the baby to get the cortisone treatment done i have them on my shoulders and on my back... they are so embarrassing and they are big.. please help me.. %-)


Hi hon: I just answered a person questions just the other day so below is the information I found out about it:

Hi Hon I just found this website for you to look at too.

Also here is the name of a cream that they mentioned, just looked up some more and they said Vitamin E rubbed on them.

Imiquimod cream has recently been used to prevent keloids from forming after surgery, or to prevent keloids from returning after surgery to remove them.

Cryotherapy: Freezing keloids with liquid nitrogen may flatten them but often darkens the site of treatment.

Interferon: Interferons are proteins produced by the body's immune systems that help fight off viruses, bacteria, and other challenges. In recent studies, injections of interferon have shown promise in reducing the size of keloids, though it's not yet certain whether that effect will be lasting. Current research is underway using a variant of this method, applying topical imiquimod (Aldara), which stimulates the body to produce interferon.

Fluorouracil: Injections of this chemotherapy agent, alone or together with steroids, have been used as well for treatment of keloids.

Radiation: Some doctors have reported safe and effective use of radiation to treat keloids.

Also Myself and both my children have a condition called "Ehlers Danlos Syndrome" Among a variety of different problems, keloids are also a problem. My youngest son has had many surgeris and each time he gets the keloids around his scar. I get them, if I have a mosiquito bite or sometimes after a pimple.

By chance, do you happen to have VERY flexible joints? Joint pain, pale and soft skin? Are you double jointed? If you are, please bring up that you might just have Eherlos Danlos Syndrome - there are 12 types!

Best of luck and health, hon.

So I hope this helps you a little, DONT get any steroid treatment till after the baby is born and you have finished breast feeding. Steroids build up in the blood system. Also if you are prone to Keloids - as you are - having an operation on them, just exasperates the problem. See if any of the above informtaion is useful for you. And when you are ready, talk too your doctor, about your treatment options. It's such a shame you live in a place, where all your medical care is determined by rich insurance companies. Pick your doctors brain about finding an alternative. And DON'T try and do anything too them OK!? It just make is worse, and they can become infected. Best of luck hon! Especially with the delivery!!! :-D