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Hello. What are the symptoms of Golgi and is there a cure?? I have acute pain (either moving around or sitting quietly), muscle soreness and stiffness. Specialists are at a loss - two saying palandronic rhumatism, one saying fibrocytis. Blood tests show nothing but a high reading of Golgi. Scans and nuclear tests show clear. Any experiences, simialr effects, and/or helpful advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jo 19.04.12


Have you ever heard of EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) I'm type III. Some of us have chronic pain while others don't. I live on prescriptions pain meds daily and clonazepam as needed to give me some quality of  life.

This is one of many genetic connective tissue disorders that many ppl have never heard of.

Some classic symptoms of EDS are hypermobility/flexible joints, soft stretchy skin, chronic joint or muscle pain, migraines.

The worst thing is to hurt more one or two days after you do something or to hurt from doing nothing. We can even dislocate joints while sleeping or just by moving the wrong way. They aren't always full dislocations, just enough to pinch a nerve. 

My daughter  at 14 was in a cast for her foot for 2 weeks. She couldn't put weight on it without extreme pain. Went through many ex-ray and scans. After taking her to a chiropractor she just walked out. Same thing happened to my nephew at age 11. 

My brother at 16 dislocated his shoulder and lived with it out for 10 years going in and out of psych wards. He would complain that the pain was in his elbow hurt down into his pinky and ring finger. Finally someone figured it our and instant sharp pain relief but by then the muscle in that arm deteriorated from no use and will never be the same. 

Never give up  hope for finding the cause for the pain your have. There is always an explanation somewhere.