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Hi Yall, I feel like I should share a horrible experience I had recently with hypoglycemia symptoms. I never thought I'd every experience anything like this. I had a bout of reactive hypoglycemia and really didn't have a clue. I didn't know it was reactive hypoglycemia at the time. I found that out from my doctor a few days later.



I was sitting in the park with my older brother and all of a sudden without my knowing it my blood sugar levels dropped rapidly. I lost consciousness. My brother was so scared he just started shaking me thinking I was dead. I woke up fairly quickly I think but everything was all wrong. I couldn't use my arms or legs as if I was paralyzed. Someone near by called the paramedics for us. It seemed like it took them for ever and I kept losing consciousness. The paramedics finally made it and the gave me several oral doses of glucose. Wow, what a horrible experience. I never want that to happen again.


Hello, That is a horrible experience in deed. I had a similar experience but it wasn't as bad as yours before I found out that I had reactive hypoglycemia. I had always been full of energy and very physically active. Then slowly but surely I became fatigued (really tired) and that brought about a lack of motivation and it seemed like I just couldn't get anything done. At the time I was sleeping fine so it just didn't make sense. It took me a long time to get diagnosed.


I'm to understand that reactive hypoglycemia is for some reason difficult to diagnose. I suppose just because you have extremely low blood sugar levels from time to time doesn't necessarily mean you are diabetic or at least not yet. I think it may be confused with people who have diabetes since there are so many. It's possible to get a misdiagnosis on this one.


They have what they call a 5 hour glucose tolerance test that they do. With this test, you fast over night and then get your blood tested in the AM (fasting sugar level). Then, you drink a glucose drink and have multiple blood tests done thereafter. The tests are taken one hour apart and this shows how you body is responding to glucose. That's how I was finally diagnosed so now I know what is going on.