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Hi all, I have reactive hypoglycemia. Can anyone help please? My blood glucose levels dropped from 110 to 50. All of my symptoms spike in the am just when I get up. This is also true in the afternoon and after I exercise but hypoglycemia is essentially present throughout the day. My feet and hands are cold. I'm moody and I have difficulty concentrating on what I'm doing. My vision is fuzzy and I have trouble sleeping at night. I've tried a number of diets including low carb and high fat with carbs but my symptoms just won't go away. Has anyone else experienced this. Can you tell me what you did? I don't seem to be able to get the right diet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Hello, I had the same problem for a long time so I had to take a close look at my diet as well. I found that eating more often works well. You might consider eating every 3 hours to stabilize your sugar levels and take in high protein meals. I don't know your dieting regime nor the times you eat but I can tell you what I do. I get up around 6am and that's when I start my eating time. So, consider the following:


6am: I like eggs so I have two medium boiled eggs with one slice of whole wheat toast with butter


9am: I have some yogurt (plain) and a hand full of pistachios (I eat different nuts on different days)


12pm: I have lunch and I usually have some ham steak or roast beef (lunch meat type) and cut that up and put it in some whole wheat pasta. I use olive oil on that and sometimes a little bit of raspberry vinegar along with some dried herbs. I have a side dish of steamed spinach or broccoli and a small dish of Ricotta cheese or you can have cottage cheese.


3pm: I make whole wheat toast (2 slices) with roast beef or ham or fish filet (no breading)

6pm: I like to keep things simple so I use whole wheat wraps. You can use the large size if you use one. Essentially, I make a like a burrito wrap and I use different ingredients each time. For example, I slice up a tomato and put that on top of some form of meat salad like chicken salad, tuna salad, whatever. If you want more cottage cheese, you can.


This sort of diet has worked really well for me. It just might work for you. I don't count any carbs here but I use the same amounts of food each day. So far, I'm satisfied and my reactive hypoglycemic symptoms have gone away. I hope this helps. And, Good Luck!