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Hi All, I had to admit it but I have a drinking problem and just don't seem to be able to quite. I have a question about hypoglycemia and alcohol abuse. I seem to have more hypos than I used to and I often feel hungry. Sometimes I have what seems to be a stomach ache. Sometimes I feel dizzy and I'm tired all the time. Mostly when I drink, I don't eat or eat very much. I found that eating something substantial before I drink stops most of these symptoms. If I eat a reasonable meal before I drink, will this get some of my hypos under control. Any info would be helpful.


It has been suggested that hypoglycemia just might be a major cause of alcoholism. It is known that alcohol addiction is essentially a sugar addiction. Most alcoholics have hypoglycemia. If you are going to drink you should eat something substantial to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Taking in alcohol can cause you blood sugar levels to drop rapidly. The liver stops releasing glucose that you need to process the toxic alcohol. This is particularly true of hard liquor as it contains no sugar, just alcohol. Alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine have carbs and so do mixed drinks. They can supply the necessary sugar you need while consuming alcohol. Nevertheless, when you eat a substantial meal and take in alcohol, the food absorbs some of the alcohol. This takes the alcohol longer to get to the intestines where it will be absorbed. So, your absorption rate is much slower than when you drink on an empty stomach. The more fat you have in your meal, the longer it takes for digestion to occur and that slows down alcohol absorption even more. So, by eating a reasonable meal, you can prevent hypoglycemia from occurring or at least keep it to a minimum.