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I know that this sounds weird, but I fell tired after I eat. Sometimes I even have headaches or dizziness. This became a big problem for me because I have to work right after the breakfast. It sucks to start the day already tired. What could be the possible cause of this? Am I sick? Should I be seriously worried about this?


I think you may be suffering from reactive hypoglycemia or sugar sensitivity. This sugar sensitivity triggers high blood sugar after eating sweet foods, and then a rush of insulin tat makes blood sugar plummet to exhausting lows. After meal tiredness, headaches…are symptoms of it. You should do glucose test. Experts recommend steering clear of high-sugar foods and keeping a food diary and recording how you feel after eating can help identify your triggers. There are also supplements you can use. Ask in drug store about that.


I agree! It sounds like hypoglycemia. I experienced this years ago. I was finally tested. You can get a blood sugar test to be sure. This could be borderline diabetes/diabetes or hypoglycemia. In either case, you need to know what you're dealing with.

HypOglycemia= After you eat, primarily sugar contained substances (what doesn't have some sugar in it.)Anyway-your body sprays insulin to break down the sugar. Well, too much insulin can put you into what's called insulin shock or coma.

Your getting tired after eating seems to indicate an insulin malfunction.

HypeRglycemia, better known as diabetes, has the opposite problem. The insulin is not there to break down the sugar intake and requires the person to take insulin.

HypOglycemia is just as dangerous as the other. It's just more manageable if you get it under control now.

Now, I can eat sugar or sweets, BUT, only if First accompanied by food.
It's all about balance once you get your system on track.

I would recommend you see a regular MD and get the blood glucose tolerance test.

I pray you get to the root of the problem. :D