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Hi everybody, I need some information about the effects of alcohol on hypoglycemia. It seems like every time I drink, I get hypos and I don't understand why that would be. Isn't alcohol all about sugar. I thought that would give you hypers. So what is going on here. I drink mostly whiskey but I have a few brewskys from time to time. Now, I know the brewskys have carbs cause it says so on the label. Some beers have a lot more than others. I've been going with low carb beer. But what about the whiskey. Does it have carbs? Does any one know? This would probably help me get getter control on my hypos.


The alcohol in alcoholic beverages is simply alcohol. It is not a carb, protein or fat. It is a molecule that is made up of hydrogens, carbons and and alcohol groups (Ohs). It's interesting that glucose is a sugar but it has OH groups on it. So its an alcohol in its own right. The alcohol we drink is ethanol which has two carbons and 6 hydrogens and an oxygen. The oxygen has a hydrogen on it making it an alcohol group. Your body sees this molecule as a toxin so it breaks it down in the liver. The liver gets busy doing this and can't release any glucose to maintain proper glucose levels in the blood. This generates hypoglycemia. The more alcohol you drink the worse it gets. This type of hypo can last for several days after you stop drinking. You will experience hypoglycemic symptoms such as dizziness, hunger, confusion, sweating and you could pass out. To prevent this you need to eat something substantial before you drink and/or while you are drinking. And, of course it is best if you keep your drinking to a minimum. Make sure your meal contains proteins, fats and carbs because this will slow down the alcohol absorption rate allowing your liver to process the alcohol coming in. Having a substantial meal slows down the alcohol absorption rate about 3 times.