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3 years ago my lip swelled 3 times its size complete disfigured my face. Started a 1 a month event. Swellings were anywhere on face. Jawline, under, nose, eyelid. Took an asprin. Everything swelled, testicles, buttocks, feet, hands... Took a zyertec. Obviously allergic to asprin. I currently get a swelling every week, large lump under foot, thumb muscle, lumps on body, facial swellings. Stomach cramps reactions made me discover i was allergic to large quantities of sesame seeds found in humus and recently found them to be in ceasar salads a restaurant's. Always been highly allergic to macadamian nuts. I can not discover what else is causing my allergies. After eating alot of sushi last week i broke out in severe swellings. Help?sweswellinghourshours kate


You may or may not be allergic to anything in particular.  I have hives that come out of nowhere frequently, and I take antihistamines on a regular basis to keep them at bay.  Stress seems to bring them on much worse.  My allergist says it could be something that is autoimmune-related.  You could get allergy testing done to see if you have specific things that are bringing on your hives.  In any case, you may need to start out on a heavy regimen of antihistamines to keep your allergies under control.  My advice would be to get a skin test done to see if you have any specific allergies so you can avoid the things that trigger them.