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I get red welt on my body when i get extremely cold or overheated. They are itchy and usually start on my hands but extend all over my body which makes me stratch like crazy. This last until i warm up or if i am overheated, cool down. What causes this?


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How does it look like?

Maybe like on pictures below?

If you have similar red, often itchy, welts on your skin surface, this could be an allergic reaction called Hives or Urticaria. Mostly this reaction is triggered by following factors:

    Shellfish, fish, nuts, eggs, milk, and other foods
    Animal dander (especially cats)
    Insect bites

Hives are a common reaction, especially in people with other allergies like hay fever.

Hives may also develop from:

    Infections like mononucleosis or illness (including lupus, other autoimmune diseases, and leukemia)
    Emotional stress
    Extreme cold or sun exposure
    Excessive perspiration

Your doctor can easily determine if you have hives or not. Occasionally, skin or blood tests are performed to confirm that this was an allergic reaction and to test for the substance that caused your allergic response.

It seems that you fall under the extreme cold/warm exposure allergic group.

If you have the same looking welts like on images above, it's recommended to visit your dermatologist which will prescribe you the adequate therapy.

The hives will be treated only if the reaction is severe, because mild reactions will go away by itself.

To reduce itching and swelling:

    Apply cool compresses to the welts. This may reduce swelling and pain. If a large part of your body is affected, soak in a cool bath. Avoid hot baths or showers.
    Avoid irritating the area with tight-fitting clothing.
    Apply calamine lotion.
    Take antihistamines.

Sometimes hives are annoying and uncomfortable, but generally they are harmless and disappear on their own. Mostly, the exact causes of urticaria can't be determined.

The only life threatening complication may occure in case of swelling in the throat which could obstruct the airway, make your breathing difficult or in severe cases - result the total asphyxiation!

However, to determine the right allergic source, visit your dermatilogist (a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems)!

Hope this helps!