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I am 16 and I am pregnant and am not sure who the farther is I did a stupid mestake having sex with one of my ex partners when I thought my fiance was cheating on me. My last period was the 5th of November 2014 I had sex with my fiance on the 4th,5th the 8th 12th 15th 22nd and 29th but I had sex with my ex on the 24th I have a scan in the next few days but I am not sure how far gone I am as I already have a huge bump but the doctor said that could be to do with me having type one diabetes! If any1 could help give me a great idea of who the farther is when they are so close together I hope the dates add up to be my fiance otherwise would ruin my relationship I have with him he says would be supportive if isnt his child but only if I was to abort it, and could start agen someone please help give me an idea of something otherwise only option is DNA test which may harm me or baby, and I dont want it to be my ex partners as me and my fiance have been planning a baby for past 6 months after 2 miscarriages he was so made up I wouldnt want to let him down just because I made a stupid mestake


If you have a 28 day cycle, 24th is not likely to have been a fertile day, but 15th is.

A DNA test should not harm the baby or you. It will be by a test on your own blood sample.

There is something wrong in your realtionship which needs to be resolved way before the baby is born. You had sex frequently with your fiance in November up to 22nd, then had sex with an ex-partner just 2 days later on 24th just because you thought he was cheating on you, then had sex with your fiance again after just 5 days on 29th. Now he will only support you, if the baby is not his, provided you have an abortion! Please do something to repair your relationship properly.