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I had sex with a friend on the 21st augustand had sex with my ex on the 25th august came off my period on the 15th august, never used contraception as iv bin told from an early age that i would never have children. N iv never been caught pregnant, all though im very early on in pregnancy, the shame of not knowing who the farther is, is making me concider a termination. But what if this chance has been given to me n i never get pregnant again? What do i do? Whos the farther


Hi guest,

It could be either. 

Assuming a 5 day period you had sex with your friend on day 10 and your ex on day 15 of your cycle.  Normally you will ovulate between days 11 and 16.

Sperm can survive for about 5 days.  The egg, 48 hours after ovulation.  Conception is NOT immediate either.  It can take several days.  No test, not an ultrasound, nothing can pinpoint the exact time you became pregnant, they are all an approximation.  Most dates are based upon your LMP.

The dates are just too close together.  You will need a DNA test to confirm.

Good luck.