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Ok my fiance and I seperated in mid october. I had my period october 23rd. Around november 5th i had gotten with a new guy. We were together for about a month or few days less. I found out a few days ago that I am now 6wks and 4 days pregnant. Who could be the dad? 


Hi Jessica,

6 weeks and 4 days corresponds to your LMP on October 23.  That's how most doctors calculate dates.  If this was a normal and expected period, then it is highly unlikely you were pregnant at that time.  You can have some bleeding early in a pregnancy.

You would likely ovulate sometime between November 3 and 8.  If you had sex on/about November 5 you had sex when you were at your peak fertility.

The "new" guy is the likely father based on what you provided.

Your due date should be July 30.

Good luck.