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Hi, so I had unprotected sex on Tuesday and Wednesday but the guy didn't cum in me. I asked him multiple times if he pre-cummed and he said no.. Well I was supposed to get my period on Thursday and I never got it, I have some cramps and my boobs kind of hurt but I haven't gotten my period. I'm really scared because maybe I could be pregnant but I don't know. I really need some help.


Hi Nina,

First off, most guys CAN NOT TELL that they are releasing precum.  His penis would be wet with your secretions so he can't tell with any certainty.

Secondly, if you had sex 2 days before you expected your period YOU WOULD NOT get pregnant.  You are almost at your lowest fertility and well past when you ovulated.  The egg would NOT be viable.

Sometimes you can just be late.  Anxiety can make you late.

Hope it helps.