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My husband and I are trying for a baby, we had sex on Tuesday and Thursday this week, I then found out yesterday (Friday) that I was ovulating, and so we had sex on this day too (Friday) I know I ovulated because I been using the clear blue ovulating test ticks, and it came up with a smiley face! :-D so according to the 'clear blue ovulation test kit' information sheet, yesterday and today (Friday and Saturday) was meant to be my most fertile days and I am meant to be fertile for the next 48 hrs, so this would make it until tomorrow (Sunday).

I had my last period on the 24th Jan and due on my next period on the 28th Feb.

What do you think the chances are that I might be pregnant?! - We really really want to be as we have miscarried once last year already :'(

I would be grateful for any replies or comments. - Thanks :$ %-)


ive been needing answers too is it possible to get pregnant if i have sex on a fertile day which is today (tuesday) and then tm which is a day i ovulate (wednesday) should i have intercourse the next day which is thursday when im fertile again? pls help thanx  :D