So glad I found this post. I've always had this strange phenomenon where if I don't get enough sleep, especially over long periods of time, I have difficulty breathing. Are used to correlate the breathing issue, shortness of breath simply to lack of sleep. It still could be just that (which would be strange, but it's a fact that when I get better sleep the next night I can breathe more deeply). All that being said, as I've gotten older I've noticed a pattern with reasons for my not getting sleep and stress and anxiety. I don't consider myself an anxious person per se but I think what happens is I shove things aside, emotionally, and ignore issues as opposed to facing them then when it's time to go to sleep they come to the surface and then I can't sleep so I think the reading issues are related to anxiety. Just a thought. But it is still related sleep in that when I take something in order to fall asleep, my issues don't go away but I got that sleep and can breathe again so o don't know what to say about that, a respiratory therapist with a pychology  degree would know! ;)