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I just started throwing up I have been for three days now. Every time I eat I have to. I don't like eating. After I throw up I eat nothing for the rest of the day if I do I throw up again. I know it's no big deal but after I do it I feel light headed. Im not sure if something is wrong with me ,but sometimes I dont eat at all do I have an eating disorder??


Hi Miss Bieber,


Tbh, it doesn't sound like you have an eating disorder, but is does sound like you have an anxiety disorder related to food.


There's a bit of a difference between what you have said & what a person with an eating disorder would say; anorexia & bulimia are usually characteristics of other problems, such as body dismorphic disorder. However, what you have said is that you don't like food & you are scared to throw up again- this directly relates how you're feeling to the issue of the food itself, rather than how you feel about the way you look or how other people percieve you & your food habits.


Look at the reasons why you don't like eating. Have you suffered with a virus, food poisoning or stomach bug recently? Have you been in a situation where you had your food restricted (eg; in hospital, boarding school, etc)? Could you be pregnant?


Some people feel sick if they don't eat properly or are allergic to certain types of food- keeping a food diary could show you what kinds of foods don't agree with you.


I'm interested in your statement that you don't like food- do you cook for yourself? If you do, perhaps using food as a creative outlet would improve your 'friendship' with food.


I definitely think you have an anxiety issue with food & visiting your doctor might shed some light on this. Plus, he/she would be able to advise you of some healthy, gradual diets. Starving your body of essential nutrients can cause a shed-load of problems. If you don't fancy big meals, little & often is healthier anyway.


While you are on your journey to health, remember to keep drinking water. Our bodies can survive (not thrive!) without food for a good few days, but water & fluids are absolutely vital.


Drop back & let us know how you are, but get & see your doctor. There are also medical conditions that cause a loss of appertite & repulsion of food, so it's best to get those checked out.


Good luck.