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I have been tired of eating shredded wheat or toast in the morning so I thought I'd change it up a little.  I tried to eat some porridge oats instead. Boy, did it spike my BG!!!  I couldn't believe that my BG was up to 180 from eating those things!!!  I didn't add anything but sweetner to the bowl of porridge oats but it musta have a lot of carbs in it!  I don't know what else I can eat in the morning other than the blasted shredded wheat or wheat toast.  I am bored to death of those.  I would like to have some warm cereal for a change, but it looks like that will not be an option.  grrrrr.  What other breakfast items can a diabetic eat, for lands sake?  I eat meat with my lunch sandwiches and I have a meat item with my vegetables at night.  I don't want to eat eggs all the time either and I can't eat bacon or sausage because of the salt.  Breakfast is a bit boring, really.  Any suggestions that I can't think of?


You can find ways to change up the game as far as meal planning.  You are not stuck with bland food for the rest of your life either.  Whole wheat pancakes, muffins, donuts… you can have these once in a while just so you know the carb count and can stay within the designated carbs you are allowed on your meal plan. It is better to pick foods that are low glycemic foods, but having something with refined carbs is fine once in a while.  You will not be compliant with your diabetic meal plan if you feel deprived.  Just make sure you know the carb count for each food and you can incorporate it into your meal planning.