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2 nights ago, I couldnt sleep cause there wa a pain in my back, and no matter how I laid, i couldnt sleep. The next morning everything felt fine untill i tried to eat , i felt like i was gonna puke. I ignored it tho, i got onto my bus and went to school. Halve was thru first hour i started to feel sick again, and wanted to constinly throw up. If i stayed in the same spot or pistion for too long, my back would start to hurt. By 3rd hour i went home. When i got home i went to bed. (Obvosly) and when i got up, i could move. My back hurt to much. But finally i got the courage and got up. I took some inprofine (sorry for my spelling) and as the day went on i slowly started to feel better. Expecally when i took a shower. My family ended up going out to eat, and i had halve a Chicken bacon swiss (very good) and a few frys, but i was full way to fast. Once again, i ignored it . Last night i woke up cause my stomach was growling, so i found some gummys and tries to eat them, i did slowly because once again, i felt as if i was gonna puke. After about halve the package, i went to sleep. Now i wake up this morning and whenever i even look or smell food, i feel like im gonna throw up. I have the sh**s (poops diharria whatever you call it) and my stomach is making really loud noises, im actually worried. I am the type of person who eats. Alot. Im overweigt yes, but this has never happened before. Im 14 and not sexualty active. (My mother asked me this) Can anybody help,


It sounds like you have gastroenteritis, or what people like to call the stomach flu, though it isn't really caused by influenza. You will just have to ride out the course of this viral infection.  Try drinking something like Gatorade to replenish the electrolytes you lose when you are vomiting or having diarrhea.  Your mom may get you the Pedialyte frozen pops if that will go down easier.  You should just eat bland food like toast, crackers, and chicken broth until you feel better. Take Tylenol if you are running a fever or if you start having back pains again. I hope you get well quickly!