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I recently had food poisoning; I threw up and had severe diarreha for 8 straight hours and then was only able to eat bananas, toast and apples for one day and very limited food the following day. It has been 5 days since I got sick. I noticed I lost about 3 lbs and the weight is not going back on even though I have been eating normally for 3 days. Is this normal? Could it be due to loss of fluids? Before I got sick, I had been working out on a regular basis with a personal trainer and my diet is pretty healthy. How long will it take me to put the weight back on? Is it due to the food poisoning or is it weight loss from working out? How much weight loss from the flu or other stomach problem is normal?


It is normal to lose some weight when you are sick especially after food poisoning. But this is mostly water and fluids which your body is extracting from the organism on a regular basis but when you are sick you are sweating more and eating less.

But after a few days you should gain back lost pounds and since you are working out with a personal trainer let him know that you have been sick and that he lowers the insensitivity of the workout.

Besides this weight loss you are you feeling fine? Everything else is ok and you don't have any other symptoms? And have you been at your doctors or you have diagnosed food poisoning by yourself?

If you haven't consulted your doctor you should do it as soon as possible even if you are leading healthy life, some symptoms mustn't be ignored.