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Hi. I think I have an eating disorder. I eat more than ever and I eat more rapidly. I even eat when I`m not hungry. Whenever I feel depressed I go to the fridge. When I finish with my meal I feel guilty over it. I think I have bulimia. What do you think?


Hi. I have bulimia and I don`t think you have that problem too. People with bulimia eat large amounts of food and they do feel guilty over it, but they regularly purge themselves. Bulimics vomit or use laxatives after every episode of binge eating. Binge eating disorder is characterized by frequent episodes of overeating, lack of control of what and how much you eat, and eating more rapidly than normal. Did you know some people with anorexia can suffer from bulimia in the same time? I feel like this is the nightmare that will never end. Bulimia is heavy to live with.