So on July 4th, I had sex unprotected with my boyfriend and my cycle is usually 26 days (my last period was June 6th). Granted we did do some grinding and such on June 29 but it was painful so he didn't go in at least all the way until July 4th. By July 4th I didn't have my period yet and was expecting it to be sometimes during that week. We had sex unprotected, however, he didn't cum at all as we do not had a condom on. After sex there was blood in my panties which I assumed it was from my hymen as it was my first time, it stopped bleeding after 15 hours or so. I was paranoid because there was pre ejaculate so we went out to get Plan B One Step the next day around noon. I've been waiting for my period since, should I be worried? I did take a pregnancy test but I know that it's too early for it. I have experience cramps and tender breasts through out the week but no period yet. I was not ovulating around June 29 or July 4th, my partner did not cum though he had pre-cum, I took Plan B, how long should it take for my period to come?