i been with my boyfriend or ex for a year now , eventhough we broke up over the summer for like 2 months. ugh we always have problemss everyday . there is not like one single day where we could both be happy or not go thru a little or big arguement. im pretty attached to him and sometimes it feels like its easy to leave yet sumtimes is like i dont wanna & i dont wnt to see him with other girls. he has told me he loves me but never shows it , he says he feels hurt after & i wish he showed more feeelings for me but everytime i say im gonna leave he says he doesnt want me to or sometimes he does things that if i did em it would be a bigger problem. So i always give him chances & tell him how i want things but he still doesnt really do wht i tell him to. & one big prblem is tht hes usually rude or gives me a quick attitude & is tellinq me not to add dudes and all this stuff but i care for him a lot and ialways show it & i think i deserve better but i dont trust other guys like i trust him yet idk wht to do with this i just need help , every week i cry for the BS tht qoes on he doesnt take wht i say into consideration unless he sees me sad or hurt. hes hurt me before & juss recently i was askinqq himm bout this girl & if hes qnna mess with her and juss started askn questionss & tht annoys him but i still do it cuss i got the right to know and i kinda sent him the message twice and the second time he txtd me sayinqq " muthafka no" so i qot madd n wasnt tlkinq to him. hes called me a hoe , dumb b***h , annoying but i will never allow myself to be with someone like that aqain. later he acts like its nffn serious whenn it really is . he tells me he cnt be without me n no matter what we will always make up and be better but i dont see that. I want him to appreciate me and treat me like i should be treated .