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HI, Im Anne.
I have a terrible relationship with my family. My parents divorced when i was 7 and remarried. My dads marriage is pretty c**p.
I was kicked out of home by my step mother and I got married.
Way to early.
I love him so much but I think I have made a terrible mistake. I dont think he loves me at all.
We argue all the time. all the time. hw is 6 years older than me.
we had our 'honeymoon' period but since then its been c**p. we have only been married just over a year.
He is hardly ever intimate with me. I cheated on him a few months ago. I was so depressed about him never want to touch me.
He forgave me for cheating because he admitted he had h****rs while we were engaged. He kept that from me.
He doesn have a drinking problem- as in he is not alcoholic.
But he does like to have it and he is different when he has it.
He gets cocky and arrogant.
We had a huge fight, i started it, i threw my purse at him and hit his shoulder.

He went mental at me and squeezed my throat. he was crushing my face into the couch and started kicking my back.
He had his fist read to smash my face but he lost the motivation i think and he just screamed at me.
I feel cheap to say that im beaten, i have heard of women that are beaten.
but i think my back is bruised, only i cant turn to see it.
it hurts when i walk.
I cant be with someone that hurts me like that, he doesnt love me if he hurts me!

this is not the first time. This is the third violent thing this week, but the first time it was all directed at me. Usually he will grab my hand and smash it into a wall or he will hit his own head on the wall or smash something else.

Im in denial. We have such a good lifestyle etc that it doesnt seem like this happening that it could happen.
I dont know if anyone will believe me.
I cant turn to my family

What do I do?
How can I get a divorce? Can it be dont through the offices that you get married at? I cant afford a solicitor


Heyy hunn.. Juss curious how old r u? i read ur lost nd i would like for u to kno dat the best thing for u tp obviously do is LEAVE him!! u do bot deserve him nd he does not deserve u cus u sound lik a good woman who Juss want the mirriage to work out.. if a spouse claims he loves u nd hits u Dats not love at all!! u need to stay away nd leave him. . worse comes to worse nd he can kill u durin those desperate moments of arguments here nd Dere.. u do not want dis to elevate to another level.. sOo Juss get divorced nd leave dat pig!! nd yess u can do dat! o.O


Im so sorry to hear that. I would tell the police. Show them the marks as evidence and he can be put into jail!


that is a load of c**p! what the h**l! how dare he? thats just sick.

he obviously doesnt love you, and you know what? he doesnt deserve you. dont get revenge, just leave him, leave him and never look back. and if he tries to come get you again, tell him if he EVER tries to come looking for you, youll call the police and tell them what he did to you. and DONT fall for his 'im sorry' lies, all the best manipulators, they know what to say to you to get you to stay


my sister was in the same situation and guess what, her husband killed her and tossed her body on the side of the road, look her up Tyquesha Myers this is real life, she was in the same situation same things happening over and over when she tried to leave it was too late,  she was only 20 years old, and has son. please please leave