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Okay so I'm starting to stress out on not knowing what to do. so im pregnant now 8 weeks and my x boyfriend is so confusing.
let me start off OK so I told him I was pregnant and he just freaked out like how am I going to tell my parent... ect were 19 by the way
anyways A couple days after that he just stopped talking calling texting me I don't know why but he wouldn't want anything to do with me then yesterday 3 weeks of ignoring me asks me to come see him. I went and saw him and he was just a mess sick and puking every where and crying.. I tried asking what was wrong but he would not tell me.. we then got in a fight and I left .. hears my thing.. I can't stand him anymore don't love him and do not want to be with him couple wise. my parents hate him and his parents hate me . we fight every time we see each other and just don't get along anymore. he didn't graduate school don't have a job drivers license or car. i just don't see him stepping up and helping.. but now after 3 weeks he wants to make everything peachy and wants to see and put his head on my stomach im so so confused... please help me :-( :-(


Okay mizfizze. Are you definately having the baby? can you cope and do you get enough support without him?

Right, I can say, 10 years or so ago, I was in a simialr predicament. it is extremely scary and i dunderstand if youd want to make it work for all of you.

Though, I have to say, if your having the baby and want to be a god mum to it-you have to RIGHT NOW put yourself first, ( when the baby comes, the baby will always come first) so right noww is for YOU! you say you hate him and your confused by his action-just remeber hes scared just as you are, but your the one that has to deal with the physical /hormonal and mental changes. At the ned of the day you are the one that will have the bond over the baby. you have to decide whats best for you!

It sounds like hes terrified and maybe he feels nervous.

have you ever asked if he loves you? Do you/could you ever love him? If hes treating you like this now.ask yoursel fhow he will treat you in a year, 2 years etc/ You will be feeling vulnerable, you do anyway when expecting, and right now you really need a mature man that can support you through these physical and emotional changes. YOU DO NOT need another baby to claen up after. Just asj yourself what you want , then take the next steps form there.

If you dont have support, there are supporting mother and toddler groups to find, coffee mornign venues, and other sources tohelp you throuth the lonely tough times. Whatever you decide be brave.