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I just started getting it 2days ago and I'm super scared, I really don't wanna tell my mom cause.. I'm an insecure person but what else am I suppose to do.. I can't keep throwing away underwear !! I don't really wanna be unprepared at school and then have to tell the nurse and teacher who are complete strangers, my sister started on the first day of seventh grade and I just started 7th grade 2and a half months ago and I really need more info than I have, I haven't really had cramps but they come like every 2 days or so but not that often... Helpp.. I don't know when I might start my period


Hi Ah,

Tell your mom.  She knows that you're going to have your period sooner or later, it's just part of growing up.  She won't think anythng negative about it.

She can help you.  It's a lot less embarrassing for you to tell your mom than your teacher, the school nurse, or even worse - have a spot appear through your clothing so you look like you had an "accident" at school.