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Hi. Well, here is the the story, just shorter..

Don't like my dad, especially his Girlfriend. Moved to Florida with my mom. My mom get's married to someone, I don't like. I liked school with my dad, hate it here. Me and my mom don't get along 100% anyways, because we are exactly a like. My mom was a drug addict, not like cocaine, but like pills. She is fine now. I don't like the fact that she is even married to this guy. Recently went through her text messages and room, found a whole buncha sh*t like porn. 2 nights ago there friggin bed wouldn't stop squeaking, you can guess why. Went through her phone, found this:

"[Name] Icoe: wanna play dr & nurse after house 2night?"

What. The. Hell?! I'm in graduating, from 5th grade. I don't like, talk about sex and stuff. I don't like her with him though, what can I do? Soon enough I'm gonna get like, emotionally sick and sooner or later commiting suicide if they don't get away from eachother.

BTW, I know a lot more then the normal 5th grader. :p


There are so many kids that do not like their mom or dads new relationships or marraiges. But... your mom has made her decision, and although you may not like it, you just have to get used to it.
Just try your best to get along with new step dad. Have you discussed your feelings with mom? Prolly not if you two don't get along. Do you have a gramma or grampa? Maybe you could hang with them while school is out for summer. I don't know your situation so i can only pitch ideas at you.
I understand EXACTLY how you feel. I hate to be so honest here, but i actually do not like my mother. We have not spoken in 5 years and i hear that she has lung cancer. That's my issue, just don't let yours get that far if you can help it. You are young enough where you will be able to mend that fence with mom eventually.

There has got to be a good reason why you dislike both your parents. Is it a rule thing? Do you have a dicipline problem? I am not trying to be a smart a*^ here, just asking. Some teenagers hate to be corrected by their parents and this makes them mad to the point where they dislike both mom and dad.

I don't know your history as far as your behavioral patterns. Are you a naughty kid? Do you fight with mom and dad? I don't know why you feel so hateful towards them and their new partners.
A child is not born with hate and anger, something happens in the course of growing up that gets it the point where you are now hateful spiteful and angry.

As far as you snooping thru your moms stuff, that is a no no. That is private and you should NOT be looking at stuff that does not belong to you. Would you like her going thru your texts? I wouldn't think so. And the Doctor and Nurse thing, so what hon. Your mom and her husband are adults. They are prolly doing a little fantasy role playing with their marraige. This is fine, it's healthy and it keeps their sex life spicy and interesting. My husband and i send nasty little texts to each other a lot, it keeps things interesting. I am sure they do not display this in front of you, and if they do, that is wrong of them.

You should never go thru your mom's room. That is her private domaine. If you found porn, you got mad and got your feelings hurt. That is not mom's problem. You really should not be so nosy. Please don't think that i am scolding you, i am not. I am just trying to get you to understand that a parents room is off limits to the kids unless permission is given.

I really feel that you should talk to a counselor.
You really need to have a heart to heart with mom. I have 3 girls, all grown now but, i remember a few instances where i had a very hard time with them.
What about a counselor at school. Talk to him/her about this. Do you have a hobby? Do you play sports? What about a best friend?
Get out of the house and hang out with kids your age.

Your mom has made her decision. She has married this man that you don't like. I am sorry for that, but........don't let this make you nuts. Your talk of suicide scares me. If you are suicidal you MUST see a Doctor. And you must tell your mom. Sounds like all three of you need to talk to someone, as a family. Do you see your dad? What did he do to make you dislike him so? Was it because he has a girlfriend that you do not approve of? Again, this his decision.
I am not saying this is your situation but my mom did not care who i liked or disliked. If i didn't approve, so what. She considered it her business not mine, no matter how i felt.
You sound so much like me when i was a kid. You bring back a lot of memories for me, some not so nice.
I would love to help you if i can. At least i can talk to you about this stuff when you need to talk, if you want to.
Keep in contact, and please don't think of bad thoughts. Things have a way of working themselves out. Hugs to hon, Lynne


i agree totally and you should talk to someone. i also have something to add. LIFE IS YOURS TO LIVE AND GROW IT.everything is not going to be peachy-keen for you. your job is to LIVE, LEARN, GROW TO ADULTHOOD AND MOVE OUT....your mother is living her life THAT GOD GAVE HER AND YOU SHOULD LIVE YOURS TOO.give yourself a second chance sweetie you deserve it.maybe think of making some amends with your family-GURL,ALL THEM PEOPLE LOVE YOU!!...i remember when i was 12 i went thru a phase where i hated my not even sure why but i recall her and my dad had split up(years before i might add). she had boyfriends yes and eventually i was aware of them having sex .I WAS WRONG!!I SHOUDVE BEEN SLEEP OR READING A BOOK.i even had a tv in my room and a radio but i choose to leave them off and hear them having sex.I WAS WRONG!! the message in comment is to LIVE, LOVE AND LEAVE.concentrate on your education,making amends,getting hobbies etcetc. gurrl in no time YOU GONNA BE GROWN.dotn take your life bc your kids are waiting to be born wehn you graduate and finish college.please send me a message if you need to talk but TALK TO SOMEONE PLEASE.what woudl you name your baby girl?he would you name your son SIRR??my daughter doesnt wanna legally name my unborn grandson SIRR before his dad's name.i think it ahs significant meaning for the name of a son.GOOD LUCK