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Hi,my name is Rosette and I will be 24 some time this year.I am having issues with my sex life, I think I lost track of it.I used to enjoy it, pleasing my self came naturally to me...I am single been that way for a while ,on and off but that's not the issue.I feel like I don't remember what it feels like to feels like there is something missing, I don't know what to do.At the moment I am not seeing any one, I feel no attraction to any one any more.even my ex whom i thought i was in love with tried but nothing.i feel like a walking zombie ... Whats wrong with me?:'(


Maybe you should go and buy yourself some new cloths, something sexy, low neck, short skirt, pretty lingerie with a suspender belt (garter) so that you can wear stockings and perhaps they will make you feel more confident and sexy.


Good luck, tell us how you get on.