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I am 42 year old female who has had a pretty healthy history, except for an occassional flare up of Blood Pressure due to stress, and I have had anxiety attacks, and massive depression in the past.
My problem is one that has got me totally terrified to where I can't sleep at night, I have trouble thinking, I feel like I am going to die constantly and I have a great fear of my heart stopping, and all because I am experiencing heart palpatations and flutters. It feels like my heart is trying to stop or cut off and has me thinking and dwelling on the worse that could happen.
These palpatations happen about once or twice a day and they are very noticeable, in so much, that they cause me to grab my chest in fear of dying. I do not have any fainting spells or sickness with it. I just get a very scary feeling that I can't control when it happens.

I cannot go to the doctor cause I have no insurance, so I am basically having to suffer through this horrible ordeal. Any suggestions on what it could be and what I can do about it?


Hi. I have experienced these same problems to the point where i would think of my heart beat all day long. Im going to sum it all up by telling you it is ALL in your head. I have had to learn this the hard way. If you tell your brain there is something wrong with your heart .. you WILL have chest pain...i know first hand. I have had such horrible heart pain that i fell to the sidewalk with people looking at me like i was on drugs. It took me over a year to get over it and it felt like 5 8-| But i am over it simply by telling myself that im being silly for thinking something is terminally wrong with me. When ever i would get the pains.. or palpitations I would literally tell myself to stop acting crazy there is nothing wrong with me or telling myself that it will pass and i will feel better in the future. Sometimes i would tell myself it was just gas... whatever it was that i said to myself.. it worked . Dont take medications, just try communicating with your brain. IT IS A BRAIN DISORDER lol :-D