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I think i'm gay but i really REALLY want to be THAT GUY WHO MARRIES AND HAVE KIDS. You know what I mean. That desire of being normal ( no offense to gays). Why do I want to be normal? Well in my country, being gay is not embraced or accepted yet plus I am Born Again and I don't want to be rejected by churches/parents or something like that. So going back to my story: I discovered it in elementary days where while im soo attracted to girls(even had gf's), i found out im into guys also. It started as a feeling of longing for a father figure(since he worked abroad) and grew like a monster deep inside me, hidden. But things got new in college where i've decided to change myself and BE A MAN! ENTIRELY. I want to be straight for my parents. Guys, i dont want to disappoint them! CAUSE I REALLY REALLY LOVE and PITY THEM & being the oldest I want to be a model for my siblings. i also dont want my gf to know this, i love her with all my life. And I had already planned a life..a simple but full of contentment life with bros i really need ur help here & pls dont say i cant change :( Please. I want to be straight and confident at being a guy (for example playing sports, socializing like one).Your answers mean my life thanks PS.. I want friends who have the same situations for better knowing of my case..



I know you don’t want to hear this but we can’t change our sexuality we can certainly live in denial and pretend that we are only attracted to the opposite sex.

No one just wakes up one day and decides that hey I want people that don’t even know me to hate and judge me I want to be afraid that my friends and family will disown me so I am going to turn gay. I truly believe that people are born with their sexuality and that as we grow and develop our sexuality does the same and if we are straight gay or bi it is what it is.

It is unfortunate that we live in a world where in many places a person cannot be open and honest about their sexuality.

A gay person is a complete person they can and do play sports they lead wonderful and full lives and the ones that have the courage to be open and honest about their sexuality are role models to anyone that is gay and struggling with the same concerns you are.

LGBT people are wonderful sons and daughters they can be and are perfect role models they are people that we should be proud of and they should not have to hide or live in denial about their sexuality.

A person can still be a good Christian if they are gay live their lives in a way that any religion would deem expectable and gay Christians are the ones that know how wrong it is and how much of a sin it is to judge and discriminate against someone because of their sexuality.

A lesson that most religious leaders would benefit from because they feel it is okay to discriminate, judge and promote hatred against a group of people that have done nothing wrong they are gay and there is nothing wrong with that.

You have found a woman that you love and want to share your life with; you also are attracted to guys to a certain extent. It is your choice if you have any kind of relationships with guys just because you are attracted to them it does not mean you have to have sex with them.

So if your future plans with the woman you love are truly what you want that is what to go with and just except that every now and then there will be a desire or an attraction to guys.

Your bi so what you can still be the son that your parents are proud of you can be the perfect role model for your siblings you can be that confident guy you want to be and you can have a wonderful relationship with your girl friend and being bi won’t change any of it.

It is not the LGBT people in the world that need to change it is the people that can’t accept them the way they are and for who they are that need to change.



I agree but at the same time i disagree. I wanna be honest with myself i think that im bisexual but i truley don't wanna be either and its not that i think my family and friends will be disappointed in me (even though im scared to tell them) i know they are understanding people and they will accept me for who I am but i know that its wrong because god says that its wrong, yea it may seem and feel nice but everything that look and feel good dosen't mean its good for you and i realize that. Im not trying to make anyone feel offend about what im saying but this is how i honestly feel ... I wanna tell you guys something about myself when i end up doing things or thinking about other women yea it feels good but when eveything is over i start to feel bad or feel confused or disgusted and i start to wonder why did i do that but the feeling be so good i go again and again but still get the same result it feels good but spiritually or mentally something just isn't right because thats not how its meant to be and i know that about myself but everyone has a free will you can be whatever you want to be if it makes you happy thats why god gave us the choice to do whatever we feel that good for us but i know deep down i have issuses and that this isnt a road i want to go down