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Ok I'm 12 and weigh 150 pounds. There are only 2 girls that don't make fun of me at school and one of them just moved to texas. I'm really active I play soccer February till July then I go into basketball which is august till November then I participate in great 8 winter games and that's December till mid February. I eat pretty healthy and with 3 brothers I play a lot of football on my free time so I do sports all year round. I don't know what else I can do please help me!!!!!!


Hey kate, its quite clear that your problem lies in your calorie intake, since as you described in your post you seem to be fairly physically active so problem isn't in lack of activity, but rather in intake of too much calories in food and beverages, you probably also have slower metabolism and that's causing you to gain weight even with all of your activities. Best advice is to check your BMI or Body Mass Index (lots of sites online offer that) and see whats best amount of calories you should be taking, eating smaler meals, but more offten and avoiding some types of food with remaining active. hope this helped