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i had unprotected sex 8 days ago , i feel like i gotta throw up but nothings coming out , he pulled out before he came & wiped it off and went back in ,.everysince thn i been feelin like ths could i be pregnant ?


Hi Marmar,

It is VERY early for you to have any signs/symptoms of pregnancy.  It's early to test too.

Wait at least another week and take a home test.  Use your first morning urine (wake up pee) for the best accuracy.

FYI, there is a good risk of pregnancy if he ejaculated and then reinserted his penis.  It doesn't matter if he pulled out.  Any semen that was remaining in his urethra would be "squeezed" out and into your vagina just by putting it in.  Since he did ejaculate there would be sperm.

Always use protection.  The pull-out method is NOT reliable.