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Please I need advice pleaseeeee. I've never been so scared in my life. I had sex with my bestfriend this whole past weekend, and we didn't use any condoms. And he cummed everytime. I have back aches and stomach aches I feel like I gotta throw up every time I eat. I can't sleep on my stomach cause it hurts when I do. My body has these heat flashes where my body just gets really warm out of know where. I feel tired all the time. And my I have had the worst headache all week. I've looked up so many things on being pregnant idk what to do please I need advise.


Your "bestfriend", wow good for him. He certainly got out of the friend zone didnt he.

Also its unlikely yourd be getting pregnancy symptoms that quickly after only a few days, if you're not sure then go buy a pregnancy test. They aint cheap but its important to know.