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In 2010, i got on birth control(depo provera) i was on it off and on until april 2012 when i finally decided not to get it anymore. This past month my husband and i decided we wanted to have a baby, so we starting having unprotected sex. Lately i have been having symptoms such as back pains, acne, cravings and cramping for about 2 weeks (like period cramps) i've also be feeling like i want to throw up but i can't. Could i be pregnant ? My period is not due until next week.


That is exactly how I felt when i got pregnant. There are some pregnancy tests that are supposed to tell you up to 8 days before your missed period. Try them. When I was supposed to have started i was cramping and pmsing, but it never came... Low and behold, there was baby. Good luck, and if you are already feeling nauseous.. as soon as the morning sickness kicks in go get something from the doctor for it. My morning sickness hit all through out the day and I never got anything for it... It was horrible. Again, good luck and hope you and your husband get the honor of being parents :)