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my name is Constance and i am 17 years old i am on the depo shot but im due to get it on the 3rd of march and i had sex with my boyfriend and i am having symptoms of being pregnant like i have not be having alot of morning sickness but i have bee having stomach pain and i had sex with him on 02/24/2017 and also on 02/25/17 we had done it alot of times and i have done alot of research and i have been spotting and pains i feel sick but i don't throw up i have been feeling really hot even when its cold outside i still feel hot am i pregnant? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!


Morning sickness/nausea is a pregnancy sign, and stomach pains/abdominal cramping can be as well, but feeling hot is quite unusual. Spotting can be caused by depo as well. Since depo provera is notorious for preventing pregnancy longer than it is "supposed to", even making women infertile for up to two years after a shot, it's quite unlikely that you are expecting a baby right now. Still, if you are not sure, always see your doctor to check it out. If you are not pregnant, you will still want to know what is going on with your body. 

Best of luck!